An Abundance of Katherine’s – John Green ✶✶✶✶✶

an abundance of katherines

Katherine #1 Did not really like boys.
Katherine #2 Just wanted to be friends.
Katherine #3 Dumped him.
Katherine #4 Broke his heart.
When it comes to Colin he will only date girls called Katherine! After nineteen Katherine’s did not work out for Colin, will he ever find the perfect Katherine? Or will he give up with the whole Katherine situation and give someone else a chance? With the perfect ending, I would recommend you read this book and find out what happens to Colin after all this time for yourself!

This has to be one of my favourite’s by John Green which deserves the five stars I have awarded! This is a different story to any I have read before and it did make me laugh! An Abundance of Katherine’s is not one you will ever forget quickly! I really did enjoy yet another easy read by John and is the perfect read for readers who enjoy the young adult, comedy, romance and contemporary genre’s. Prepare for a giggle and a funny story to dive into.


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