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*BLOG TOUR* A Deadly Game – Joanne Griffiths ★★★★★

Kate Palmer, an undergraduate student, discovers that she is pregnant and makes the decision to drop out of university. However, on the evening before she returns home, her body is discovered in Aston park. She is the first victim of several murders that will rock the city of Birmingham.

DS James “Jim” Wardell, who has his own issues to contend with, is given the case.

When Eddie Carter, a popular talk show host on Birmingham’s radio station, is contacted by someone claiming to be the killer, it is the start of a cat and mouse game between a deranged killer and the police.

After a second body is discovered the pressure mounts on the police to capture the person responsible.

Who is killing these women and why?

Can Jim apprehend the twisted killer before more innocent women are murdered?

My Review:
WOW! Where to start?
No blonde haired woman is safe!
I love the cover, good overall first impressions.

A Deadly Game is set in Birmingham. This story is gripping, tense and will have you on the edge of your seat! I must admit I despised the killer so much and felt sorry for poor Alison and her baby. I must warn you that this book does contain domestic violence which may not to be everyone’s tastes. I loved the relationship between Angie and Jim too! A Deadly Game is fast paced, easy to devour, written well with a clever killer and contains short chapters. I would highly recommend this story to you all! Really enjoyed reading this one. Another well deserved five stars. What another great policing team! Fab.

Amazon Link (UK) << Currently 99p
Amazon Link (US) << Currently $1.26

*BLOG TOUR* Those That Remain – Rob Ashman ★★★★★

The heat of the Florida summer is relentless. Lucas is coasting to retirement in a mundane Florida police precinct. His world falls apart when a brutal serial killer codenamed Mechanic lands on his patch.

Three years ago they thought Mechanic was dead. But Mechanic is very much alive and the savage ritualistic murders continue. No family is safe from the threat of slaughter at this sadistic killer’s hands.

Mechanic is always one step ahead and Lucas is forced to operate outside the law.

Who can he trust?

The shocking truth is more terrifying than Lucas could ever imagine … and he has to put his life on the line to get it

My Review:
I have to admit I left this one a little last minute BUT.. I did manage to devour it a day before the blog tour wahey! This is book number one in the mechanic Trilogy and I am hooked… Cannot wait to see what this series has more to offer, this is the first book I have read by Rob and you can guarantee I will be following this series. I love the cover so good first impressions. Those that remain is written well, easy to read, fast paced and contains short chapters. I must admit it took me a while to get into up until 15% but after that I was hooked. This has a very cleverly written plot and is one of those books that makes you go “ARGH! THAT’S WHY ITS CALLED THAT!”. This police team have the biggest case to tackle yet and I mean that, I instantly hated Mechanic as soon as he was introduced (GRR). I dont want to give anything away but if you love a big crime thriller with a big case to solve this is the book for you. I awarded an outstanding five stars and cannot wait to dive into the next one… Brilliant. Clever and had me HOOKED.

Amazon Link (UK) << Currently 99p
Amazon Link (US) << Currently $1.26

The Day She Disappeared – Christobel Kent ★★★★

Your best friend will always be there for you…won’t she?
Have you ever had that sense that you’re being watched? And you turn, suddenly, but it’s just a curtain, blowing in the wind? Or the dress hanging in the doorway? Nat knows something’s wrong. Her best friend, Beth, would never have upped and left without saying goodbye to her. But no one believes that Beth was taken – she is a fly-by-night, a party girl who can’t be trusted. No one’s listening to Nat. But someone is definitely watching her..

My Review:
I love the cover on this book and have read both of Christobel’s books before this one so was a must really! I enjoyed reading this book and finished it in just 3 days. Some would say that it dragged out until the last 5 chapters and I would agree but it all added up to that big ending! WOW. I did not have a clue who did it but wow. This book is easy to read, contains short chapters and has a thrilling story line of who did it? …  I loved the setting and all the individual characters facing their own personal challenges along the way. I awarded a fair four stars as it didn’t wow me away but a story I enjoyed nevertheless. I look forward to reading more by Christobel Kent in the future.  Enjoy.

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