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*BLOG TOUR* Dating Daisy – Daisy Mae ★★★

What do you do when you’re a newly divorced 52 year old mother, keen for a second chance of romance? Why internet dating of course! Daisy Mae_224 embarks on the internet dating process with trepidation. Having not been on the dating scene for nearly 30 years, and with fairly rudimentary computer skills, she finds herself embroiled in a series of haphazard and hilarious situations. Daisy keeps a diary of her internet dating life and reveals detail by detail, the ups and downs of her midlife dating extravaganza. Soon after starting out, Daisy realises her true mission. With no past experience and no-one/nothing to guide her, she needs to produce – Internet Dating lessons. Read on to find out about PLONKERS, muppets and MAWDs, and a whole host of amusing anecdotes, tips and ideas. Working by day as a Sexual Health doctor, the story as it unfolds contains accounts of Daisy’s clinical experiences with patients in the Sexual Health clinic. She also reflects on her past life with Voldemort (the dreadful ex-husband). With advice and encouragement from Imogen, her 17 year old daughter, her surrogate parents known as the Amigos, with a big house and swanky swimming pool, her friend Pinkie and from Jeannie, her nonagenarian friend from the Nursing Home, Daisy resiliently persists in her quest to find a long term partner. This is a heartfelt story that will ring bells with anyone who has ended a long term relationship and now wants to find somebody new. It is humorously written, full of emails, poems, limericks, and even a recipe! Daisy can’t resist her pages of advice on topics like “Kissing” and “Anti-Snoring.” It is a unique and highly amusing book, which will make you laugh out loud! So read on and see. Will Dating Daisy find her “prairie vole?” Or will the whole process end in disaster?

My Review: 
This book has a lovely simple cover, girly. The blurb of this book is what told me to give this story a try. I loved how the book was set out, easy to read and contained short chapters, I especially loved how the author included the email exchanges. I enjoyed reading this story but it didn’t blow me away. Parts throughout did make me giggle, so this story does have a hint of comedy within it. This would be the perfect story for readers who enjoy chick-lit, romance and may even appeal to the young adult readers. Daisy is a one of a kind character with her story to tell and she wants you there until the end. I awarded a fair three stars for this book. Links to buy this book are below and if it sounds like your kind of book… DIVE IN.

Amazon Link (UK) << Currently £3.79
Amazon Link (US) << Currently $4.93


*BLOG TOUR* The Trouble with Words – Suzie Tullett ★★★★★

Annabel is desperate to have a baby – there’s just one problem. She’s single and after losing her husband in a hit and run accident, she’s just not ready for another relationship.

Dan is on the hunt for the perfect woman but when his mother drops a bombshell, he starts to feel the pressure.

When Dan and Annabel’s worlds collide, both start to think that maybe they’ve found the solution to their problems. But things are about to get messy.

Can Dan and Annabel get what they want?

Both will soon find out that the trouble with words is finding the right thing to say.

My Review:
I found this story very refreshing from reading everyday thrillers and crime, was a nice surprise. The Trouble with Words is written well, easy to read and contains short chapters. This story will have you laughing throughout, it is a feel good, chick-lit and romantic read which is perfect for summer 2017. Do you believe in fate? I do, I believe Dan and Annabel were meant to meet! With both Dan and Annabel having their own individual worries and troubles will they be able to come together to work it all out for a perfect ending? That is for you to find out when you dive into this story! I would highly recommend this story to you all and awarded a well deserved five stars. I won’t forget this story in a hurry. Make this your summer 2017 read! Suzie Tullett is an upcoming author to keep your eye on.

Amazon Link (UK) << Currently 99p
Amazon Link (US) << Currently $1.29

I’m Still Here – Clélie Avit ★★★★★

Elsa has been in a coma for five months. With all hope of reviving her gone, her family must face the devastating fact that it might be time to turn off her life support.

What they don’t know is that in the past few weeks Elsa has regained partial consciousness – she just has no way of telling them.

Thibault is in the same hospital visiting his brother and, seeking a retreat, finds his way into Elsa’s room. When he begins to talk to her, he doesn’t realise she can hear every word – and that he is giving her a reason to wake up.

And so begins a love story that might just save both their lives…

My Review:
Wow! What a beautiful story with a gorgeous cover.
A beautiful story that I would recommend to you all!
I’m Still Here is easy to read, fast paced and contains short chapters. I managed to finish this story within a day and it’s not often I can do that! I’m Still Here is told through the two main characters Thibault and Elsa. Some people are just meant to meet and these are one one of those couples. I understand it may be a bit of an emotional read for some readers as it written and partly told through a coma victim but at the same time it is a story of hope, love, longing and believing.

I wouldn’t have normally picked this book to read for myself but I am so glad that I did. This is the prefect book that could also get readers out of a book slump. The translator of this book has done a brilliant job so thank you to the wonderful Lucy Foster. The only other author I could compare this book to is JoJo Moyes. So, if you enjoyed JoJo Moyes books you will enjoy this one. A well deserved five stars. Brilliant.

Amazon Link (UK) << Currently £4.99
Amazon Link (US) << Currently $6.54