*BLOG BLITZ* Murder in the Dark – Betsy Reavley ★★★★

Blurb; Without a motive, how do you identify the killer?

Imagine a quaint little bookshop. Outside the snow is falling. Inside the shelves are stacked with books by authors waiting to be discovered. What could be better?

When Tilly Edgely lands a position working at Ashton’s bookshop in Cambridge she thinks she’s found her perfect job. But one winter’s morning, when she arrives to open up, she discovers the body of her boss suspended from the ceiling, hanging by a rope around his neck.

DCI Barrett and DI Palmer are called to the scene and quickly find themselves searching for a twisted killer whose identity and motive are nearly impossible to trace.

But just when they think they have the murderer in their sights, another body shows up throwing the case wide open…

Who is behind the killings and why?

The police have their work cut out and key to unlocking the gruesome mystery might be found right under their nose.

But one thing is for certain, this killer will leave you hanging…

My Review; What an opening this book has! Wooooweeee! This book is bound to draw you in. Now I must admit I haven’t got round to reading Murder in the Book Club yet but this reads perfectly fine as a standalone with only a few references to the previous book. Don’t worry I will be going back to read it at some point, I promise.

I throughally enjoyed reading this one. Not your average murder, killing story. Different. Unique. Watch out the book community you’re not safe either. A fast paced, page turner of a read. Brilliantly written. A story you don’t want to put down. I could easily have read this in one sitting if life didn’t get in the way.

I did feel sorry for Tilly having to deal with what she saw, that would be hard for anyone. Highly recommend! A brilliant brilliant. A well deserved four stars.

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*BLOG BLITZ* Murder Undeniable – Anita Waller ★★★★★

Blurb; Katerina Rowe, a Deacon at the church in the sleepy village of Eyam, has a fulfilled life. She is happily married to Leon and her work is rewarding. But everything changes when she discovers the body of a man and a badly beaten woman, Beth, in the alleyway behind her husband’s pharmacy.

Drawn to the young woman she saved, Kat finds herself embroiled in a baffling mystery.

When Beth’s house is set on fire, Kat offers the young woman sanctuary in her home and soon the pair begin investigating the murder, with some help from Beth’s feisty grandmother, Doris. But neither the police, nor Leon, nor the criminals want Kat and Beth looking into their affairs and the sleuths quickly find themselves out of their depth…

Can Kat and Beth solve the mystery and walk away unscathed?

My Review; This is a brilliant start to a new series. Book one in the Kat and Mouse series. Very impressed.

Anita hasn’t let me down yet! I absolutely loved this story and well and truelly devoured it. Already looking forward to book two! Well read, fast paced and contains short chapters. It’s a race against time.

I felt so sorry for mouse (Beth) throughout the story she was a walking target at all times. If that was me I would be petrified but she kept her cool and got on with it thanks to the help of Kat. Another brilliant character I loved! But the best character had to be Beths nan I bloody loved her, not your average old woman.

I look up to these three characters trying to solve the mystery themselves and I must say much better than the police! Gripping. I felt I was beside those three character the whole way through. A real page turner. A well deserved five stars. Highly recommend. Loved it.

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*BLOG TOUR* The Memory – Lucy Dawson ★★★★

Blurb; She’ll never forget… I’ll never forgive.

People always notice my daughter, Isobel. How could they not? Extraordinarily beautiful… until she speaks.

An unsettling, little-girl voice, exactly like a child’s, but from the mouth of a full-grown woman.

Izzie might look grown-up, but inside she’s trapped. Caught in the day it happened… the day that broke her from within. Our family fell apart that day, and we never could pick up the pieces.

My Review; Happy Publication Day! I have enjoyed previous books by this author, so I had high hopes for this one. Lucy did not disappoint me however, this is slightly different to previous book I have read by her.

Brilliantly written, brilliant story. However, I did find some of the chapters were a bit too long for my personal liking. An easy read which picks up quite quickly.

The Memory is a story told through different views, but all relate. Dont want to give anything away… I was hooked. This book has it all. It is easily a book you can sit and devour in one sitting. I awarded a fair four stars and would highly recommend! Who will you be routing for?

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