Upcoming BLOG TOURS.


12th; The Serial Daters Shopping List – Morgan Bailey.

12th; The Lost Girls of Camp Forevermore – Kim Fu.

14th; The Girl Accross the Street – Vikki Patis.

14th; Dancing Fairies – Jenny Way.

16th; New Starts and Cherry Tarts… – Liz Eeles.

21st; Heart Lands – Kerry Watts.

22nd; Mamas Gone – Leopold Bostinski.

23rd; Escape to the Little French Cafe – Karen Clarke.

26th; Passengers – John Marrs.

24th; A Gift for Dying – M.J. Arlidge.


5th; The Librarian of Auschwitz.

8th; After Jessica – Morgan Bailey.

11th; Broadland – David Blake.

18th; Twisted – Steve Cavanagh.

19th; The New Achilles.