Upcoming BLOG TOURS.


9th; Keep You By My Side – Callie Langridge.

10th; Come & Find Me – Sarah Hilary.

10th; The Christmas Cafe at Seashell Cove – Karen Clarke.

11th; Malignant – Anita Waller.

12th; Pieces of Me – Natalie Hart.

13th; Our Little Lies – Sue Watson.

17th; In Harms Way – Owen Mullen.

18th; Death on the River – Clare Chase.

20th; CONTENT! The Whispers – A.J. Waines.

22nd; The Christmas Wish – Tilly Tennant.

23rd; The Senators Assignment – Joan. E. Histon.

24th; The Lonely Witness – William Boyle.

24th; Don’t Let Me In – Phil Kurthausen.

26th; She Chose Me – Tracey Emerson.

30th; Trap – Lilja Sigurdardottir.


1st; Before She Falls – Dylan Young.

2nd; The Soldierels girl – Sharon Maas.

7th; Annoymity – John Nicholl.

8th; The Good Samaritans – Will Carver.

12th; The Lingering – Susi Holliday.

14th; Perfect Bones – A.J.Waines.

15th; Someone Like Me – M.R. Carey.

16th; Love You Gone – Rona Halsall.

19th; The Growing Pains – Jennifer Ebert.

26th; The Diary – Vikki Patis.